Saturday, March 8, 2014
Screw up @ Saturday, March 08, 2014

Assalamu'alaikum . muehehe..jyeah ! No,supposed to be OH NO ! Final just around the corner. Three weeks to go,and next week is the last lecture week. best best sebab dah habeh lecture but final T.T and this is the last sem im studying in Uitmpp. Next sem p Pasir Gudang . It just,I feel err..dont know to describe my feeling.. Excited ? yeah. am going to seee Pe'ah !! yay ! but cuak jugak,tempat orang kann..hmm..sobs sobs..sedih for sure.. And Yen,sapa laa ak teman hang lepak nanti en en..hmm.. and I hope forever B remain as a family . feel strange . hmm -- okay,lets just drop the subject . Final ~~~~ wa tak taw nak cakap gena,i just feel worst. amenda laaa T.T okayyy..thats all,saja jaa post sebab rasa nak post .. hmm k . and yeah,cant wait for World Cup.. teheee... kciao ~~ :3

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